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Welcome to my magical world of whimsy & nature!
I'm RAINBOW STAR, and this world you've landed in is for letting your imagination run wild.

Here you can drop the everyday weight and embrace some levity, creativity and joy. 

Living my dream of being a musician has brought me such a deep connection to my inner self; a childlike self in some ways - certainly full of lightness and a desire to play. I hope you'll love playing here too.



Acoustic folk punk artist RAINBOW STAR aims to heal all your heart-hurts with music from the Rainbow Sparkle Palace, her tiny home in the Appalachian foothills. Influences include Ani DiFranco, Jolie Holland & Kimya Dawson.

"My daddy named little Pine Valley Drive..."
So begins the song 'Berea,' and the story of Rainbow's hippie heart. Ever searching to return home, she set up camp in 2014 in the Kentucky hills that raised her.

Rainbow has been performing since she could walk, and spends her evenings in the hills at her tiny house, swinging in the hammock and writing songs alongside her three cats, wild tufted tit mice and whippoorwills. 


For more on RAINBOW visit the official site at www.RAINBOWSTARMUSIC.com

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